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We are now open for acupuncture/in-person appointments on a limited schedule basis.

In order to maintain the health and safety of our patients and staff, the following procedures will be in place until furthur notice: 

For patients:

• Any patients coming into Zhang Clinic for acupuncture treatment will need an appointment. 

• Commonplace/waiting areas will not be used. We ask that no guests accompany patients to their appointments, except in the case of parents attending their child to the child’s appointment. • All patients will need to complete a COVID symptom checklist before treatment, and temperatures will be taken at the door before entry. If you meet any of the criteria or your temperature reads 100.4 or above, we will have to cancel your appointment. 

• Patients will be asked to wash their hands (hand sanitizer is acceptable) at the door upon arriving and before leaving the office. 

• All patients will be required to wear a face mask, except during their treatment. 

• Please wear loose clothing so that the practitioners may access your arms and legs above elbows and knees. 

• The initial consultation requires more time so that we can get a more comprehensive background of your condition and concerns. Please allow up to 60 min, depending on the complexity of your health condition(s). If you prefer, you can choose to have the consultation virtually on a HIPPA compliant video link or over the phone. 


For staff:

• All staff will be required to sign a health declaration before their shift, wear a face mask, follow new cleaning and safety guidelines. 

• We will have enhanced cleaning throughout the day. 

• Treatment rooms will be thoroughly disinfected, sheets will be changed, and all hard surfaces will be cleaned between a treatment. 

• Air purifiers with HEPA filters are placed in each room. 

• All sheets/pillowcases/blankets/exam gowns are now paper and will be disposed of after each patient. 

• Acupuncturists have passed an exam in Clean Needle Technique. All needles are sterile, single-use, and disposed of after treatment. 

• Appointments times will be spaced out to minimize person to person contact 

• Accepting an appointment at our clinic implies that you agree to the above guidelines. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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