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Dr. Qingcai Zhang
Clinic Founder, Developer of Zhang Protocol Formulas

Upon graduation from Shanghai Second Medical University in 1962, Dr.Zhang worked as a physician and orthopedic surgeon at The Reijing Hospital of Shanghai Second Medical University. Thereafter, his clinical work and research focused on combining the most effective parts of TCM and modern medicine to maximize clinical efficacy and quality of life for the patient. 

In 1980, he was awarded a World Health Organization scholarship which resulted in a two-year fellowship at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital.​

In 1991, Dr.Zhang founded the Zhang
Clinic in New York City. At that time, he was primarily focused on using Allitridi, the chemical pre-cursor to Allicin, and other anti-microbial compounds to combat difficult-to-treat infections. 

After decades of clinical research and experience, he began to consolidate the information and created the core formulas that are used at the Zhang Clinic.


Dr. Yoko Momo

DACM, Clinician, L.Ac

Yoko earned a Bachelor of Science in Applied Molecular Biology from Tokyo University of Science and is a nationally certified herbalist. She has trained and worked directly with
Dr. Zhang since 2008 and is a dedicated clinician with extensive experience using Zhang Protocol formulas, TCM, and acupuncture.

She recently completed the program of Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. (DACM)

Phyllis Lam
Clinic Supervisor, Clinician, LAc.

Phyllis has over 11 years of clinical experience training and working alongside Dr. Zhang. She is a highly experienced clinician with extensive knowledge in the treatment of  various chronic infections and immune disorders using the Zhang Protocol formulas, TCM and acupuncture. She is also an expert in the dietary and nutritional aspects of healing and preventative care.

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